Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Public school is redeeming itself

So I have been so impressed with our public school lately.
A few reasons why...
1. Reese is determined it is her mission field. Not her words of course but she has asked all of her class and teachers why they haven't asked Jesus in their hearts and told them about the night she did.
She also came home with this thing about what she would do with 100$ if she had it. Proud mom moment.

2. The kindergarten classes are learning about businesses these days. They had to investigate two and see the language they use, what they sell or what service they provide, what the customers do there and what keeps the business running smoothly. Of course she interviewed daddy...

And The kids have been working all week to build their own businesses for the parents to come shop Thursday morning. So last night we had to practice what she says to her customers (welcome ma'am how may I help you? Etc) and then they exchange our "gecko bucks" for whatever they're selling. Reese works at "portrait painters" so I think I'll be coming home with some new art...
3. They're actually learning some quality character lessons. They have to memorize the motto of their school "CLIMB" caring students, learning, intelligent choices, motivation and being respectful.
They also do puppet play once a day to work out peer problems (ie making fun of people, someone getting left out at lunch, accidentally knocking someone down, etc).

Also, yesterday she said they learned the difference between needs and wants. She told me at dinner-" mom u nEED this food but you only want a new shirt since u have so many." She told me needs are what we need to live, wants are just the extras.
Quality lesson.
Thanks a lot free education. You're even better than I hoped.

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