Friday, February 22, 2013

What gets said around here..

post signatureI needed to write this down before I forget some of these!

"I am just having a hard time wrapping my mind around why God made me and how he was just always there"

"Im having a hard time at school because thomas is always wanting to hold my hand. He said he thinks its romantic. UGH! (long pause) Whats romantic mean?"

"(helping me change Levi's diaper) mom! We have a problem! Levi's privates underneath are wrinkly and we haven't even been in the bath lately!"

"mom, write this in a thank you note to my gymnastics coach, 'thank you for teaching my daughter gymastics. She is getting so good. You must learn some things from her too"

"mom can you please get all the lice out this time because they are a little frustrating."

"Maran sure can shake that bottom!"

"mom, why you skin yellow and me purple?"

Me: "Maran who made you?" Maran: seesuz Me: scissors? Maran: "no zee zus!" (Jesus)

"Daddy me sad in Africa because me no have chicken minis"

"Mom why daddys belly have hair on them?"

"wheeler, you loba (say) YES MAAM to maran, ok?" (me laughing) Mommy why you funny? its no funny!"

"mom, you want me to put you hair in a bunny?"

"deer zeezus, thank you for me food, thank you for me class, thank you for mommy daddy aaaaaamen"

"ooh mommy, you hair so pretty, why me hair no pretty like you hair?

"Look at us in the tub, we have two light ones and two dark ones!"

"Mom can we adopt three more kids? Then we wouldn't even need friends we would have so many of us to play and ride bikes!"

"When will i be a girl when i grow up?"

"Why can Maran dance better than me!?"