Monday, October 6, 2014

In This House We Will Giggle! A book I believe in!

I have two shelves of parenting books. I desire to seek out godly wisdom on this, my most important job and biggest legacy I leave on earth; our kids. So I have delved into some amazing parenting books and gleaned wisdom, changed my "techniques" and been challenged to pour into my kids grace and choice and wisdom.  But I could not be more excited for the newest parenting book to hit the shelves this morning than I am for
IN THIS HOUSE WE WILL GIGGLE!! Written by my dear friend Courtney DeFeo. I have been privileged to journey alongside Courtney over the last several years as she has been equipped and called to write this book. It has been a blessing to watch her pour her heart and soul into this offering because she is passionate to make an impact for Jesus in families around the world. 
I think a lot of Christian parenting books give great conceptual topics. I walk away with big takeaways, like give them more grace, use the Bible in discipline and encouragement, be consistent, help them learn how to think and make choices... But I usually put the book down with this huge concept that is tricky to apply in the day to day trenches of parenting. This book is the perfect blend of big takeaways yet also just practical day to day application, fun activities, memory tools, etc.  
This book covers 12 virtues (like humility, joy, generosity, patience, respect and more) and boils them down to a easy way to teach them to our kids and not just through a boring lecture on being more generous, but a kid-friendly definition, memory verse, and fun activities and study to do as a family around that virtue. I have read every page of the book and came away with a new excitement in my role as a mom, a new found urgency and importance to make this crucial learning fun and applicable to my kids, and an easy "attack plan" of how to do it! Do not miss this opportunity! Get a group of moms together and read it, go through each virtue monthly as a family, do it in your women's Bible study, or just read it through if you are feeling trapped in the mundane of motherhood and stuck in your current place of pouring these important virtues into your kids. 
John and I will be taking a virtue a month with the kids and having fun with it! I cannot wait to get started. Join me in this journey! Order NOW at amazon HERE
Lets love our kids by giving them a solid foundation to stand on and memories of a fun home they grew up in where it was a safe and happy place to learn about the life God made them for and how amazing it can be! So excited for you to get into the pages of this amazing book!