Monday, June 20, 2011

Summertime and the livin's easy...

There is something about the sound of splashing in the pool, the smell of sunscreen, and a popsicle in hand that officially makes it feel like summer.  Summer is a time of healing for me from the rushed pace of getting kids to school, running errands, and keeping track of 4 schedules.  Maybe that stuff is still going on, i just let it "run" me less. I try to keep my OCD at bay and enjoy wearing pajamas until 11, getting right in a bathing suit and then back to pj's after my first shower of the day before dinner, I try to let the house stay a little messier (although this is harder than the clothes/showering issue for me ;). The kids are little fish this summer. Finally I am needed less to keep heads afloat and can actually for the first time in 5 years, relax by the pool a little while the kids entertain each other. Although never more than 30-45 min go by before the request become un-ignorable to catch them while they jump to me, have swim races and go get snacks.  All enjoyable and totally "summer" none the less.
This summer has been especially different for me as it is our first in our house that we hope to be in for years to come, and Reese's last summer before kindergarten. Its been something sentimental for me to think this is the first summer of memories with the kids in our house of many to come. I daydream about having a house full of teenagers eating me out of house and home and chatting in the hot tub.  I look forward to the homework sessions, soccer lessons, boy-talks/girl-talks that will take place on the couch, etc. Something about summer calls me to make memories too.  I don't know if it's just that  alot of my childhood memories were from summer, or that i have more time with the kids...but I just enjoy doing things out of the ordinary. Roasting marshmallows after eating dinner outside, day trips to the beach, watercolor painting, lake days, etc. But on the other side of all of that, summer is a tough time too, to be full time mom instead of splitting time with school. I battle myself to have patience and not just make it through the days, but to enjoy them.  It often doesnt come easy... There is definitely more arguing, boredom, and whining in the house and more hours of the day for all of that to go on. But i am trying to be conscious of not wishing the summer away and not letting those things control how our family will enjoy summer. I'm trying to be more spontaneous than my planning-driven self allows me to be. I'm trying to be more intentional about having continuous communication with God throughout the day and sharing that with our family. Its been so fun to watch Reese grab a hold of the passions of my heart and see where she takes them. I don't want to replicate myself by ANY means, but to hear how she will pray for similar things that I pray for, but with a renewed perspective and heart that is so refreshing to hear. I have enjoyed reading more this summer and have been so encouraged by it. I finished a donald miller book that really made me look at the story we are writing as a family and what I want my story to be, what God wants it to be. It really gave me a discontentment to be satisfied with the mundane of life and going through days and days. Its really challenged me to think through the purpose God has uniquely put on our little family of four and what that looks like played out in His big story. And made me think through how to make loving God a story that the kids want to get involved in. I also read "heaven is for real". What a great and refreshing read of what Childlike faith looks like and a renewed sense of excitement about heaven and what is to come there. Lots to come and lots of growing to do, but I am working on enjoying the journey...

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  1. Love that you are back in the blogging action! I have missed you here :) Praying for you friend!