Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Into the waters

Oh I am so behind on blogging but need to go back and document one of the most special days as a mother that I could think of.  If you remember this post from over a year ago, I told you about how our then 5 year old put her trust in Christ and believed who he says he is.  Since she was so young, I did not want her to rush into it all but she was adamant that she wanted to make that commitment and be baptized.  We had a lot of discussion about fruit and how our lives transform after understanding who Jesus is and what he has done. We waited to pursue baptism as she grew in her faith. It has been an amazing year to watch this incredible little girl see the world with different eyes, to care for the least, to include the outcast, to welcome in strangers into our family, and to do it all with grace (most of the time);). Reese challenges me to think bigger, to pray bolder, and to share Jesus with more confidence. She was getting her hair cut the other week and the lady told her to sit still so she doesnt cut her ear off (jokingly). Reese replied, very matter of factly, "thats no problem, Jesus could put it back on, he has done it before with that soldier in the garden". The hair stylist looked extremely confused and went on about cutting. She also invited her entire class and teachers at her public school in our liberal town to her baptism! Her boldness challenges me to take advantage of opportunities. To speak expectantly and matter of factly about how Jesus works, his power and what he has done for me. I cannot put into words yet the feeling I had as I watched my baby girl step up those steps and into the waters of baptism.  She looked back at me, a little fearful, but obedient to what she had set out to do.
They asked her, "will you go wherever Jesus calls you to go?", "yes" she said. "Will you do whatever he asks you to do?" "Yes." she replied again.
And under she went, as she followed Christ where he had asked her to. As if I could see into the future for a split second, my mind flashed to high school, college, going over seas, serving others, finding a spouse. My prayer is always that she will go back to those questions she was asked before she went into the waters. 'Is this where Jesus is calling me to go?' Then I will go. 'Is this who Jesus is calling me to serve?' Then I will serve them. My prayer is her yes's will outweigh her no's and her obedience will be what marks her. I also told God that day, again, in as bold as I could muster, I will try to never be a hindrance to her obedience to God. If that takes her to a remote village in india, freeing sex slaves at the risk of her life, or if it takes her to the mountains of Afghanistan or the grassy plains of Africa, or a job in a cubicle in suburbia where she will work for the glory of God. I do not want to hinder her obedience with my fear or worry.
I also want to commit to expose her to the bigness of God. The depravity of our hearts. The atrocities of the world. I will do her such an injustice to shield her from these things in the name of protection. It is just the opposite. 
So baby girl, way to go. What a big step you have made as you draw closer to your God. 
So humbled, honored, and privileged to watch as you grow. Your salvation had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with Him my sweet girl!

(Her letter says "Dear God I love you, but I know that I sin. But each day please clean out my heart, please, because I want to be kind to you Lord cause I love you more than everything. Dear Jesus I love you but I know that I sin. But after God cleans out my heart you can. And can you do that because I want to be extra loving. From Reese)
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