Monday, March 24, 2014

To Wheeler on his 6th Birthday

Oh my goodness! 6 years. This time last year you were on your way home from your African Adventure. I can hardly believe 6 years has flown by. I remember all of these older women saying to me when you were tiny (and screaming constantly from chronic ear infections) that time will fly by. I remember just trying to make it through the day with an 18 month old and sick newborn, thinking no way is it flying by! But now looking back that time was a blink. 
I am so proud of the man you are becoming. I can see already how God has developed traits in you that I asked for even while I was pregnant. I prayed you would be tender and servant hearted, yet a leader. I prayed you would be generous and kind. Each of those God has answered in the way he is molding your heart. God is building in you courage to make the right choices, even when the crowd goes another way.  A few months ago you came home so concerned because when you mentioned Jesus at school, a girl in your kindergarten class told you he wasn't real.  The shock and concern in your voice as you told me the story was so tender. You wanted her to believe, you didn't understand how she could think he isn't real when he is so good. You told me you would have to just keep telling her Jesus is real and one day she would believe. I pray that fire in your soul continues, year after year, to point others to the realness of Jesus. That is your mission my son. That is why you are on this earth. And why I am. I fail daily in trying to point you to that realness when my sin and selfishness gets in the way and I am impatient or don't take the time with you that you need. I pray even full of flaws I can point you to the one who is perfect in my place.
I told you the other night how brave, strong, kind, courageous and servant-hearted you are. Your only response was a dimple inducing smile across your freckle dusted face.  You are a treasure my son. I pray I can show you the depth of your value in the man God is making you. I pray I can point you to who you are becoming, not just who you are now. I pray Jesus uses me to draw out your leadership and influence you will steward over others. I pray God continues to pull on your heart the plight of the orphan, the homeless, the diseased and people living in poverty.  That has got to me one of my favorite stories of you, walking through the slums of Kenya, high-riving and hugging and kissing each little kid that ran up to you. No obstacles to loving those different from you in color or wealth. Just a kid loving on other kids. 
My love for you goes beyond explanation. I love how you desire time with me so much. Whether its 5 games of Sorry in a row, a few minute snuggle, a story, game of tennis or scooter ride, you crave time. 

God has big plans for you. I don't have the slightest idea as to what they are, but I am so honored to walk alongside you in the adventure God has called you to. His story is big, it is wild, and he has a part just for you. Not because he needs us, but because he desires to be right next to you just as I do, even more. 
Keep drawing close to Him Wheeler,
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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Wheeler! I remember the very day you were born and I cannot believe 6 years have flown by. I am so proud of you and love watching you grow. Always know how special you and your family are to me. God has big plans for you little man! Love, Meghan