Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can't we all just get along?

My poor Reese these days... She is on a Jesus and Satan kick and it is challenging! The present argument:

R: Mom, you know who we don't love?
M: Who reese?
R: Satan. But mommy, does Jesus love satan?
M: Hmm i don't know Reese, I don't think so.
R: (starts to cry) yes he does mommy, Jesus loves everyone!
M:: then i scramble in my mind to explain how satan isnt a person to a 3 year old and how we are to love everyone but satan is not everyone. Quite a challenge.
:::: time passes:::::::::
R: (playing with two figurines) Mom, im just pretending...
M: Oh that is fun Reese.
R: Ya i am just pretending that Jesus and satan are friends... its ok.

Oh my goodness! She has asked every babysitter in the last few weeks about it and brings it up at least every few days! Quite theologic discussions we get into and it is really challenging for me to get back to the basics and try to explain what little I understand to someone who comprehends even less. Ha.
But i love her heart behind it. Not wanting mean old satan to be left out. We will keep working on the details but the heart is there!

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  1. haha! i love that little girl!

    one time my little sis, amber was at a picnic and mom my told her not to eat too many hot dogs. well amber was on this satan kick at the time too so when they were in the car on the way home this is how the convo went:

    A-hey mom? you know satan?
    M-yes amber, i know who satan is. why?
    A-he made me eat 2 hot dogs today. sorry about that.

    HAHAHAHA! that's like a running joke in my family....i'll look at april sometimes and just be like, "hey april? you know satan? he made me buy this new purse that's not in my budget."

    hope you're doing well. :)