Monday, April 19, 2010

Wheeler's birthday...

Well we pulled off a casual party... I think I guilted myself over my decision not to do anything for his birthday but regardless, the party was fun. He had a blast and maybe even enjoyed his cake as much as  I did (each year growing up I got a cookie cake and bless my mom she still gets me one each year :). We just had a really small party but he had lots of fun.
I can hardly believe he is two (until he is laying out on the floor in full trantrum- that jogs the memory). But overall, Wheeler is quiet, mischevious, but a talker once you get him one on one, compassionate, loves to share, concerned, silly, loves to laugh and tickle, loves anything with Wheels, balls, and loves to be outside. He is such a joy and I can't wait to see the man God shapes him into!

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