Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy birthday, Reese McNeil White

Reese Mcneil-
5 years ago today, God wrote you into the fabric of our family.
He knitted you together perfectly in my womb.  I remember praying os many things for your health.  I even prayed silly prayers, like "Please Lord don't let her have a big red mark on her face".  Even in my vainest prayers, I saw the Lord work.  When you were born, you had a tiny red mark on your chest.  I laughed when I saw it because i remembered praying that silly prayer.  That mark, to me, was a symbol of God's faithfulness to even my most selfish of prayers.  God didn't put that red mark on your face, but he put it on your chest to remind me that he hears my prayers.

The years passed quickly, just like everyone warned me they would.  I often doubted myself and my capabilities of raising you into a Godly woman. However, you became such a joy filled little girl, loving laughter and loving others. You add such love to our lives.
You were named after your grandmother Jeanette McNeil Cathy.  I prayed you would one day embody some of the amazing traits she has.  I prayed these over you.  Patience, Generosity, Care for others, Hard work and Determination, Sensitivity, and Loyalty.  Your grandmother (like many others in our family) embodies these qualities.
Now you are 5 today, and I am starting to see these prayers answered as well.  You have extreme patience, overflowing generosity, a care for others that challenges me to think bigger and love more, a hard work and determination that will take you far, sensitivity to the Spirit, to others feelings, and to what you are feeling yourself.  God has shaped you so wonderfully, and I am so thankful to be a part of your journey. I know you are not mine, but his. And i am so honored to be entrusted your life, as we walk together.  You bring such joy to our family, and challenge our family to pray bigger, think bigger, and love those less fortunate.  Our lives are changed by your character already.  I am thankful the Lord speaks to me through your life.
You are my dear first born and I love you so! Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh precious girl we love you! Happy Birthday! I wish we could squeeze your neck :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Reese! I have only met you once but I hope that we will play again soon one day! xoxo whitney