Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Study-- Check!

Just finished the first part of our home study as well as our paperwork for it. Whew! Thankfully our case worker is so easy to talk to, kind and helpful! The kids did great. Reese told her all about her amazing coloring abilities, gave a full tour of the house, told her about the time that she took wheeler downstairs and got him a bowl of cereal and turned on a show for him while i was asleep (i'm sure that scored me some amazing mom points), and told her she wants a brother and a sister and for them all to sleep in her room. Wheeler also cried when she left and asked her why she didn't bring his brother with her. He apparently thought she was bringing him to us. Sad! But anyway, we are glad to have that done and started moving along in the paperwork for our agency and for Congo now. We are starting to have to write big checks, but are trusting the Lord to provide.  If you would like to join our support team, please email me at for details. Even more so than that, we would appreciate your prayers as we make big decisions and enter a period of waiting over the next several months!

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