Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas with a purpose

So, Christmas shopping has left me feeling a little conflicted.  The idea of how far our money goes here versus how far it could go to feed children or bring them home has left me a little troubled when it comes to buying gifts. My friend challenged me not to get bitter about it, but to tell a story with it, and it still be an expression of love in the giving, but it can also help another person in a hard place. So I decided to share with you some ideas I had that could be giving someone on your list an awesome gift, while giving back to communities in Africa, guatamala and India. Hope this helps as your Christmas shop for someone you love, all while serving the least of these!

There are tons of options here! I love noonday collections at www.noondaycollection.com/. See below for some ideas in the 20-30$ range (one is 70$). Not pictured, but tons more great necklaces and bracelets to choose from at redearthtradingco.com

Or head over to Amazima at www.amazimastore.org/ to help change the story of a lady in Uganda with these cute buys (they also have a cute bracelet!), all for 19.95$...

If the lady on your list is more into scarves and bags... try these from noonday collection and 147millionorphans.com

Need something for a teenage girl or boy? Or a trendy twenty? Check out watches and hoodies from hellosomebody at http://hellosomebody.bigcartel.com/ These go to change the story of kids in Rwanda. The mini watches even fit kids!

Can't leave out the shirts! Try one from visitingorphans.com! They also have tons of colors of earrings and necklaces for 10-20$. This is the ministry I am traveling to Uganda with in April.

Cant miss the shoes... I love my Toms and I love that every time i buy a pair, it gives a pair to a kid in a poverty situation. Check out these cute styles for kids, men and women!

And lastly, for the reader in your life... I suggest Radical by David Platt or Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. Who knows, the 10-20$ you spend on a book for someone, God may use that gift to change their story! 
Also, for kids, there is nothing greater than teaching them to love and serve the least of these, beautifully written by Francis Chan in Ronnie Wilson's gift. He also has a great book called the Red Tractor for kids as well. 

Happy Shopping! I hope we can tell a powerful story in our giving this Christmas! 


  1. I love that you posted this, Kylie!
    I think our minds are in the same place this Christmas!
    Thank you for making my search MUCH easier!