Friday, March 2, 2012

Brasil mi amor

So for those of you who don't know, my husband grew up in brazil from the ages of 2-12 as a missionary kid.  He lived in Rio for 3 years and Brasilia, the capital, for 7 years.  It has become part of our family as well.

We went there after we had been married a little over a year for a little over a month and worked with some orphanages down there. It was such a neat experience to see where he came from and the love he has in his heart for the people of this country.  We have been down there a few times since, even taken the kids once when they were 9 months and 2.
Well we will be boarding a plane this time next week for Brazil. The kids are going too! We will be participating in WinShape Camps (Chick-fil-A's philanthropy) International project which John's family heads up.
I am so excited to love on the kids of Brasilia again.  It was such a monumental time in our marriage. It definitely made an imprint on us to focus on establishing our family on missional principles, loving the people of the world, and having a heart for the oppressed and the orphan (all of the pictures above are at different orphanages there).
I am excited for the kids to experience it again now that they are a little older. They will be immersed in it, as they'll be attending camp with the Brazilian kids and hearing nothing but the Portuguese language!
Please be in prayer for us and the team as we head to Brazil! Pray that the kids hear the word of Christ and let it take root in their hearts. Pray our kids can be a light, learn a lot from the kids there, and adjust well! Follow along with our teams down there at

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