Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter ramblings...

Easter snuck up on me this year. For some reason I had in my head that I was going to have all these crafts leading up to easter to talk about why we really celebrate it, but I just missed it. But it has been neat to see how God has orchestrated this easter in a different way for me this year with different lessons than I could have planned.

Just Thursday my Pop passed away.  If you remember, he is married to my sweet GG who I wrote this blogpost about what legacy she has left me in loving Pop. This allowed for many conversations as a family regarding death, what we believe about death, and the victory that we have over death.  Death has never been a taboo topic for our family.  I have talked about it with Reese since she was two and I lost one of my closest friends, Drew. I am so thankful we have an open communication about it.  It was a hard and sad weekend, but also a celebration of the hope we have in Christ, and that death is not the end, but the start of the home we were meant for.

Lately, I've also felt unsettled about this in between time of waiting in our adoption process for a referral just to know I will wait again afterwards for more paperwork before we can get our kids. It sometimes seems God is silent in this process.  But thinking through all of that has made me realize, often times when God was silent, he was preparing for a victory and a glory far greater than we could imagine... and his timing is always perfect.
Look at Jesus on the cross, I am sure everyone thought that was probably the moment God needed to show up right away, preferably before Jesus took his last breath.  I'm sure all the people that had left their lives to follow Christ were thinking.. "seriously? this is it? this is over? God you need to come through right now and do something as our king hangs on a cross!"

1 day.
2 days.
3 days.

But behind the scenes, in the silence, where it looked like God didn't care, had abandoned them, or hope was lost, that God was staging the display of the height of his glory, the redemption of creation, the adoption of all of his children.  What often looks like silence from my perspective is really missing what God is doing behind the scenes to put HIS glory on display, not mine.  And that must happen in HIS timing, not mine.

So this easter, i am trying to rest in the silence, to await the victory, and to look hopefully on the glory that is coming.

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  1. That really is a great way to look at it. Thanks for sharing.