Saturday, April 14, 2012

We are halfway here!

We are here in amsterdam on layover before heading to Uganda via Rwanda! No sleep yet but should get some next leg. Here is an update from flight 1. It's been great meeting the team. There's 15 of us!

Here I am on the plane ride to the first stop of my three leg journey. I feel similar to the day where I was waiting in the wings in my white dress with my dad, bursting full of such excitement I didn't want to hear anymore of that piano playing, I just wanted to run down the aisle. That is how I felt waiting in line at security. I had to force myself not to smile freakishly as I got closer and closer. I knew in the back of that church that a better life would begin when I walked down that aisle to John, I knew god would do more with me because of that experience. I knew the trials that may come but were thrilled that they would bring about depth and wisdom only trials can. I knew that my previous life was not what I was meant for.
That is where I am again. Waiting to walk down that aisle to a new life, a new perspective. I know it will solidify the dream god has been birthing in my heart. I know it is going to change me and grow me into the person God has been calling me to be. This is a big moment in the revolution that has been going on in my heart. The often painful revolution. But I am at a place where it doesn't hurt anymore to be stripped. It is just more and more freedom. I know this trip will be hard.
Just today, I arrived at my gate at RDU and asked the gentlemen at the counter if he could help me with my seat assignment for the next leg of my flights so I could sit with my sweet friend. He pulled up my itinerary. "what does the code EBB stand for?" I told him it was entebbe Uganda. His eyes lit up. We proceeded to have a conversation about what I was doing there, why, for how long, etc. He was from Africa he proceeded to tell me. He thanked me for serving his people. He told me not to be surprised if some of my donations didn't make it when I got my bags in entebbe. I told him if someone took them out of my bag, then they must need it too. He looked at me like I was crazy and laughed, "I like you" he said. Then somehow when I boarded I ended up in first class. Thank you sweet Al.
Meanwhile the lady sitting waiting to board overheard and jumped in the conversation. We chatted about missions, serving etc. she asked if this was just a one time kind of trip. I proceeded to tell her about our adoption and tears welled up in her eyes. She pointed across the aisle to her son who they adopted from Guatemala 8 years ago. She told me he was the best thing God has ever done in her life.
This is how life is meant to be lived. A gospel you are so moved by you can't help but share. It is energizing and life giving.
So here I go. A journey to the unknown but yet somewhere that feels strangely like I'm going home. Going somewhere where I was always meant to go. Walking down that aisle and expecting life change, service, trials, and joy unimaginable.
Join me.

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