Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ohh Uganda, I'm coming for you....

4 days and I will be getting on a plane and journeying 21 hours on 3 planes 
until I set foot in the red dirt of Uganda. 

 I cannot tell you how my heart is overjoyed.  I just packed my last bag and weighed each one filled to the limit at 50 pounds.
I cannot wait to hug on our two sponsor kids, James and Hannah
I cannot wait to help feed the mouths of the Masese slum. I am so honored to just love and hug on babies and children at Canaan's and other orphanages. I am praying I can find Margaret and Sarah amongst the hundreds of kids we will see at Amazima. I cannot wait to spend time with the women of the Karamajong tribe. I am ecstatic to do home visits in the streets of Kampala with Return Ministries. 

I am ready to be in a strange land, away from my comforts, and stripped to what God has called me to.  

Thank you ALL for your help and donations! My bags are STUFFED with all that you have given me, mailed me, and donated cash so that I could buy:

  • a *GENEROUS* donation from my sweet friend Lori's dentist of 150 toothpaste tubes, 210 dental flosses, 200 toothbrushes child and adult. 
  • 1100 headbands from so many of my friends and family!!
  • 8 pairs of shoes, 20 t-shirts, stack of boys clothes, stack of girls clothes, underwear, stack of men's clothes, 
  • 5 tubes of neosporin, 3 bottles of calamine lotion, 3 tubes bug bite relief, 3 boxes of bandaids, 4 bags cough drops, 4 bottles of kid's tylenol (I read a blog about a little Congolese baby that died of a fever... tylenol could even save a life!) 2 bottles of advil.
  • 100 pencils, 100 pens, enough yarn for 300 kids to make a cross craft.
  • 25 baby hats, 5 baby blankets, 5 baby booties, all knit by sweet Meghan's grandmother's knitting group

Others on our team are loaded down with hygiene products, sporting equipment, crafts, clothing, sheets and blankets, nail polish, skin care, life saving anti malaria and anti fungal medications, etc!

Thank YOU for being a part! I was so blessed by the donations that came in and I will do my best to funnel those to the sweet Ugandan people.

I will do my best to do any updates I can on the blog once in Uganda when or if internet is accessible. While we are gone, please be in prayer for....
1. the ministries we will be working with there. That we will be a help and not a hindrance. That we can encourage them, fill their shelves, and brighten their week. 
2. Pray for what God is teaching me now and while I am there. I have a feeling that he is going to unleash something big on me and I want to be sensitive to hear it and ready to act.
3. Pray for our team, the unity of it, our health and for Satan to stay far away from our hearts and what we are doing there.
4. The orphans, oppressed, and street and slum children and families of Uganda. Pray God reveals himself to them, gives them hope, and gives them his peace, strength, and comfort. 
5. Silly prayer- but if you think of it, please pray my difficulty sleeping or picky eating does not affect me there!

Thanks for being a part of my team and for going with me to Uganda in prayer, through donation of goods, or finances. You are such a blessing to me! Please be in prayer! April 14-23. Prayer can change everything!!

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  1. So exciting! I will pray God's blessings and protection on your trip - can't wait to see how it goes and what God shows you while you are there!