Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Dedication

There is a man who likes to work behind the scenes, pouring out, serving until his heart is emptied. That man is my husband. John never stops amazing me with his humility and compassion for others. I watched this week my husband had to choose to not intercede with a friend who needed help because it crossed the lines of morality. He knew the right thing to do, and chose it, but it was at the expense of someone elses felt need or convenience, and it crushed him.  He cares so big. He wants to give big and love extravagantly. And he does it best with us. I am so grateful he continually puts us first, without prompting. He knows the hard parts of my day and he checks in or goes ahead and comes home early to make it through together. He chooses us over his work nearly every time. And I see it. I see that he might take a hit in profits or sales so that he can be a present dad and a loving and supporting husband. I look at other men who exchange this so quickly and I am so beyond grateful John loves us like Jesus loves the church. He lays down his life for us in so many small ways and big. He makes time for our kids individually, he gives love and affection. He gets home from a long day at work and immediately is on the floor being horse, or flip spotter, wrestler, swing pusher, trampoline bouncer, and encourager. I see the way our kids light up and squeal when his Jeep pulls in the drive, because it is daddy, their daddy. The one who is giving them glimpses of how much their heavenly father loves so intricately. John is the one showing them a shadow of what the Lord sees their value to be. He does it well. Not perfectly, but so well. 

I can hardly put my gratitude into words for the sacrifice, selfless love he gives to not only each of our 4 children, but first to the Lord and then to me too. Above and beyond.
John you are more than adequate, you are an amazing leader for our family, even when you don’t feel like you measure up or are doing as good of a job as you think you could. We see your heart, your work, the way you provide for us, the way you serve others in front of our family at the expense of yourself.
You are loved and adored by these 5.
Happy father’s day,

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  1. Love this Kylie and the way that I can attest to all the things you mentioned about this man of yours. The other side of him is pretty great too. ;-)