Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Long awaited day has come...

I wish I could shout as loud as I can!
 We have been matched with our sweet babies! 
Our case worker told us Monday night that we would have their pictures Tuesday (June 5). Monday night I could hardly sleep. I wondered about them. What they look like? What have they been through? Did their parents die? Did their mom walk them down to the orphanage or social affairs office and sign her children away?
Tuesday drug on as slow as monday night did. I was checking my phone every 3-5 minutes. Congo is 5 hours ahead so I assumed I would have something when I woke up...nothing.
I am pretty sure I neglected Wheeler all morning long! I took him to Chick-fil-A to play at the playground so I could stay by my phone. I got a movie set up for him so I could sit at the computer... nothing.
I also spent the entire day praying like never before. I prayed for these two sweet treasures, for whatever their situation was with their birth parents, for the paperwork to come through and for them to be ours. I prayed for technology/internet/scanners to work, I prayed for what they were doing right then, I prayed God would prepare me to see them just as he sees them.
I gave up after about 3:00 which would be 8pm their time. After being psychotic about checking email all day, I just gave it up to God (novel idea) and told him I would wait. I would wait for the children he chose for us.
Then at about 4:30 I was emailing a friend about praying for one of our sweet Ugandan friends and then my email ding'ed.
It was the pictures.
I did not open them (which if you know me, you would know that is a feat in and of itself. I am not good at surprises or patience. I usually give my Christmas present to John by the end of November, I can't keep a surprise from him). I called John right away and said "HURRY HOME! We got the pictures and I am not opening them until you get here" That was clearly the Holy spirit and not me...because Kylie would sure have sneaked a peak at those two sweet brown faces and then opened the email again shortly with John. ;)
John got home in about 15 minutes which felt like 30. Thankfully my dear friend Ashley consoled my craziness on the phone and prayed over me, so that I was now balling my eyes out by the time John pulled into the drive. We put the show on for the kids and prayed. We prayed that God would allow us to see them and love them how he does.

Then, we opened the email.

My heart had finally been joined with its longing. My story finally made more sense. My waiting was all now worth it. My emotions skyrocketed and it was as if I had just given birth and looked down in my sweet beloved's eyes. I knew they were ours. The children God had for me since my life was even a thought in his mind. The story he orchestrated so painfully and beautifully to graciously allow our lives to collide. 

The little girl is a 3 year old girl with beautiful dark black skin and gorgeous full lips. Her eyes are looking down in the picture and her face is to the side a little bit, but you can still see her precious profile. Her sweet round nose, smooth skin and delicate hands interlocked near her chest. She is wearing an orange, black and white polka dotted dress and looks so beautiful!

The sweet little boy is her biological brother. He is 10 months old (may or may not be accurate), although he looks older to me. When I first saw the picture my eyes locked into his dark brown Huge eyes staring intently at the camera. He looks so similar to his sister. He has the same round nose, full lips, dark black smooth skin. His hands and feet are very big compared to his thin legs. He is wearing a girl shirt, purple with a heart and a rose on it. He is curled up in our case workers arms. The look on his face is intoxicating. It draws you in immediately.

Seriously God? You are entrusting me with these two treasures? I am floored. These are the most beautiful children I have ever seen! It is amazing the connection I already feel to these two sweet children. They are perfect. They are just for us.
John and I cried and laughed and stared. John laughed and said "at least two of my kids have my brown eyes!" (somehow my blue eyes won out with Reese and Wheeler!) They are beautiful.
I am officially smitten.
I am so overwhelmed by God's grace and provision for us. I can hardly put into words all of my feelings so this will have to suffice for now. I am one proud and thankful mama. I cannot wait to scoop these two cuties into my arms and tell them we will be a forever family.
Please pray for us as the rest of their paperwork is still coming in. Pray for their medical exams this week. Pray for God to guide this next phase of court, embassy, immigration, etc. Pray for Satan to stay far from our fight to bring these two treasures into our family. Pray for our family as we prepare our hearts and home for them. Pray for the paperwork process to go without a hitch. There is still so much that could go wrong. The kids paperwork could be wrong or messed up enough to delay court, as could ours. As hard as that would be, I want God's will not ours. I am praying these are our children but it is all in God's hands. Please be in prayer with us!
Thank you for journeying along with us over this last year! There is still so much more to come! Thank you Jesus!

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  1. So excited for you all. Seriously - what a beautiful gift. I will be praying for such smoothness in all of the details and for God's continued grace and sustenance for your and your children.

  2. so wonderful!!! can't wait to hear the rest of the story as God continues to move! I know you are anxious to bring those babies home. Hopefully it won't be too much longer!!

  3. This is so exciting. What God has done in you and through you during this process is impacting people like me. I can only imagine how much more He will continue to use your family as you wait on them to come home!!!!

  4. YAY YAY YAY!!!! :) My heart felt joy for you all.