Saturday, October 22, 2011

Big prayers from a big heart

Our conversation as I tucked Reese into bed tonight:
R- Mom- are there more than 100 orphans in Africa?
M- yes, there are millions of them.
R- why can't everyone just adopt all of them?
M- a lot of people are, but God is going to have to call a lot more to adopt if we are going to get them all into a home.
R- what will happen to them if they don't get adopted?
M- Some of them will grow up without a mom and dad.
R- will some die?
M- yes, a lot of them will not have enough to eat or get sick and die.
R- then I think I will adopt all of them.
M- that would be a big job Reese!
R- well then I will pray for God to get people to adopt all of them so they don't die.

My girl has such a big heart. Adoption has stretched the boundaries of her heart even wider. She prays big prayers and it makes me realize how small mine are. If God is who he says He is, then he can handle a lot bigger prayers than I am praying.  It may take  a 5 year old for me to keep learning this lesson over and over again, but He uses her to challenge me. Yes we may only change the outcome for 2 children, but that doesn't have to stop us from praying that the other 147 million get forever families too.
Thank you God for speaking through a childlike heart to my heart that doesn't trust you like it should. You did not create too many orphans. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your redemption of the fatherless.


  1. i love her and so glad you captured this. He could be planting a seed in her early - and she may have heart for orphans and solving the millions as her life mission. you never know! so cool she can not just listen to what's important but live it out with you.

  2. aren't those moments the best... thanks for sharing.
    it has been a joy getting to know you!