Monday, October 17, 2011

Even the seasons reflect Him...

We just spent a beautiful weekend in the mountains with John's family on a kidless retreat. It was 180 degree views of blue ridge mountains covered in the colors of autumn.  When I woke up each morning, I would step out on the deck and just take it in. You couldnt see any other houses, just rolling mountains and beautiful colors.  
Fall is my favorite season. As I reflected on this season which is fast upon us, I thought of the great parallel of the seasons to seasons in our walk with God. Fall, to me symbolizes a change. A publicly marked difference in something the Lord is doing inwardly. He is making areas in our life brighter, he is revealing different things to us. He is preparing us for what is to come.  Fall is so beautiful from the outside, but it also represents a dying from the inside out. The tree is about to shed its leaves. They are turning brittle and about to fall to the ground, where they will die and return to the earth. It is much like that of what is going on with me. It is somewhat beautiful at times on the outside. But that is what is shocking about it all. Death is often beautiful.  God has revealed spots in my life that I need to die to myself and let go and let them fall to the ground. Winter is coming, where it is a stripping of sorts so that new life can come in spring. The pruning process doesnt always have to be painful, but it often is. I feel like I am in the autumn of my life at the moment. Shining bright in some areas, dead in others, and getting a renewal from the inside out. God is revealing new truths to me, God is carefully pulling away things he doesnt want in my life. It is invigorating and somehow, what is dying and falling to the ground doesn't sadden me, because I know it is soon being replaced by new life and new truths. Winter is a dormancy of sorts. You are waiting for what is to come. I do not know the reason for some of the things God is taking from me and revealing to me, I am fine to wait in the dormancy time until God is ready to spring forth new life in those areas and new purpose. 
What a beautiful God who expresses Himself through his awesome creation@

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